Taking the time



Inspired by the TV programmes on hoarding I decided to de-clutter and face the boxes that have been carted around from all the places I’ve ever lived in. The time eventually came when I decided to open up the boxes that have travelled from home to home.

Whilst my old bank statements and receipts made an acquaintance with the shredder I discovered some real treasures. Letters written from my beloved Grandad; his wise words on everything from surviving the trials and tribulations of homework through to treating everyone as you would like to be treated yourself. Weather reports, updates on how his garden was blooming and family news. It was all there. Timeless advice and wisdom in his own flowing handwriting. A time before texting and emails. Time taken to select paper, pen and a line to compose. Maybe with a coffee and a digestive. A walk down the lane to the post box. And then the wait, for a scrawly reply from his delighted granddaughter.

If my Grandad had been alive today, I have no idea as to what he would have thought to using a tablet or phone to send a message or book a restaurant. But what I do know is that he would still find time for me – to listen to my news, go for a walk and reflect on life. He could lose hours to a good book, or a puzzle or a game of chess. But people really mattered and he would always find time to enquire how people were and listen to their news.

As we obsess over Twitter and Facebook updates and being kept in the loop, plan our days, weeks and even years ahead, I’m reminded that taking time to be still, to think and just be is crucial.

Writing What Rocks Your World has been a real journey of discovery for me. I’ve taken time to recall the many young people who’ve inspired me and encouraged me to keep on writing this book for them. I’d like to think my Grandad would be proud of me, although he’s probably ask me to slow down a bit in combining this book with my full time job. So, this book is dedicated to him. He helped me to find out what rocked my world. I hope my book does that for you too.

One thought on “Taking the time

  1. Aaw, that’s so lovely! He probably wouldn’t have approved of the word “Aaw” though!

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