About me


Although I’ve been a careers adviser for over 25 years (where has the time gone?) I’m still passionate about my job and still get excited about helping people realize their dreams.

Before I made the decision to train to be a careers adviser I had a number of glamorous and exciting jobs. It started as chief washer-upper in the school staff room where I was paid £1 a week and as many digestives as I could eat. I now realize that as a painfully slim girl they were probably feeding me up.

I progressed on to selling make-up and toiletries door-to-door, babysitting, leaflet delivery and putting the meat into quiches at a pork pie factory. After university I took a year out working as a youth worker which was a great way to combine work and play, run around a lot and work with young people.

As a careers adviser I’ve worked on primary school projects through to helping sixth formers pick courses at university. I’ve designed careers games and trained teachers.

Whether it’s encouraging people to have a dream or to take a reality check my job is focused on helping people to make the best decision for them and to make the most out of opportunities. The best results are when I see young people realize that they can influence their next step, get as much experience as possible and be remembered for working hard with a great attitude.

More recently I’ve spent the last nine years working in universities in the Midlands. So whether it’s help with applying for jobs, preparing for interviews or trying to work out the next step I’ve been there to give support.

Want to know what really rocks my world?

  • Watching the sun rise and set all over the world with my loved ones.
  • Eating chips by the seaside.
  • Sharing in the excitement of friends good news.
  • Realizing that my family are not always going to be around (and although they are not perfect, neither am I).
  • Laughing till I cry.
  • Sneezing so loud I can frighten strangers on a train.

My passion? That every individual finds out what their talent is, what rocks their world and has the ability to do something about it.

As will.i.am has said on The Voice: “Listen to your gut”. As I’ve written in my book: “Go put your talent to work”.